European Union Announces 22.7 Million Euro Aid to Palestinian people

European Union

Brussels: The European Union has announced 22.7 million euros in aid for the Palestinians in distress. In this regard, according to a statement issued by the European Commission, this assistance is being provided in the spirit of humanitarian sympathy for the people deprived of violence, hardship, and essential items.According to the statement, the already troubled West Bank and the people of Gaza have been further affected by the Coronavirus. The European Commission’s statement added that since the onset of the global epidemic, Palestinian homes and facilities in the West Bank have been demolished. While 2.4 million Palestinians are in need of humanitarian assistance, 1.5 million Palestinians are in Gaza and their living conditions are extremely poor.Speaking on the launch of the aid, Jens Lenarsk, European Commissioner for Crisis Management said that violating international human rights law and forcibly evicting people from their homes deprived them of the basic necessities of survival. Dangerous which should be stopped at all costs. That is why the European Union is taking this step to help the weak Palestinian people in this difficult time.

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