Social Media Memes Abound About Trump Wearing A Mask


US President Donald Trump has finally donned a mask, and Trump’s memes abound on social media, with critics compared him to the psychological and criminal villain of Hollywood movies.

After the repetition of the disbeliever’s US President Donald Trump, who was finally photographed wearing a mask, was stared at by social media users, likening him to the psychological and criminal villain characters of Hollywood movies.

Someone linked Hannibal Lecter to the unforgettable role of Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins, while others called him the Darth Vader of Star Wars. Trump’s memes abounded on social media.

Well known author and critic of the US President Stephen King said that Trump wore a mask, “Sorry, this is a headline!”

Someone said that Trump is fine in a mask, the less evil he sees, the better! Journalist Karen Tumulty, while running an arrow of satire on Trump supporters who are running an anti-mask campaign, said that now your leaders have also agreed, crazy people, now you also wear masks!

It is noteworthy that during his visit to Walter Reed National Medical Military Center in Maryland, Trump took a picture of wearing a mask in public for the first time.

In April, Trump blew up the CDC’s mask-wearing safety instructions on the Corona epidemic, but later said he had no objection to wearing the mask, although this is the first time he has appeared in front of cameras. He was seen wearing a mask and taking pictures.

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