Man Arrested For Puncturing Tires of More Than 1,000 Women’s Vehicles

Man Arrested

A man has been arrested in Japan for puncturing the tires of their cars to find out the reason for talking to women.

Police have recently arrested a 32-year-old Japanese man who punctured a woman’s tire in her absence to talk to a woman, and when the woman saw the tire in her car, the man immediately Reach out to help her.

The woman suddenly realized that the same thing had happened to her a year ago and the person who came to help was the same.

The woman later informed the police and told them that a similar incident had happened to her last year. Police see CCTV footage and found that the accused had punctured a tire in the woman’s absence. When the woman returned, she offered to help.

The 32-year-old man immediately confessed to the crime and told police he did it to get to know or talk to women.

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