The UAE And Israel Will Work Together In The Region, Netanyahu Said


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says the United Arab Emirates and Israel will work together for peace in the region.

Speaking to the media, Netanyahu said that he would work together to address the challenges facing the region, including extremist and terrorist groups.

The Israeli prime minister said Iran’s response to UAE-Israeli relations was not unexpected.

It should be noted that an agreement was reached on August 13 for relations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, and the two countries also agreed to open an embassy.

According to the Emirati News Agency, the agreement will boost security and energy co-operation between the UAE and Israel.

According to the Marathi news agency, the two countries are already cooperating in many fields, while after the new agreement, the parties will continue their efforts to reach a resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

According to the news agency, Israel and the United Arab Emirates will open each other’s embassies.

US President Donald Trump said that a great deal has been done today, a historic peace agreement has been signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.


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