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Need to access your Mac files from Linux? Downloaded something on one OS and need to put it on the other? Sharing files between OS X and Ubuntu is easy. The following guide takes 10 seconds and doesn’t involve any terminal usage or extra software.

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Open System Preferences

Tick Windows Sharing

That’’s all. At the bottom of the window, OS X box will mention the following details:

Windows users can access your computer on \\IP_Address\share_name
Enabled accounts: your_user

We’ll use these details to connect to the share from Ubuntu.

In Ubuntu

Click Places → Connect to Server

  • Service Type: choose Windows Share
  • Server: the IP address
  • Share: the share name
  • User Name: the enabled account

Leave the rest, and click Connect.

You can now access your Mac files (including your Desktop, Documents, Pictures, and more) on your Ubuntu desktop, as well as via the Places menu.

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