5 Reasons to Invest in a Chromebook in 2022


So you’ve seen plenty of ads and heard of people using Chromebooks. They are readily available and seem to be rising in popularity. Maybe you’ve resisted the urge up until this point but now you’ve curious if it’s something you could use. What comes to the surprise of many is just how useful and powerful a Chromebook can be. These are feature-packed and can be used in a variety of ways. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons you may want to invest in a Chromebook for 2022.

An Excellent Option When On-the-Go

Laptops have long since been a great option for those who need to work and have access to their devices on the go. But let’s face it, laptops aren’t always small and sleek and many end up being quite heavy. A Chromebook can offer more in terms of mobility since they are even smaller and more lightweight. They can easily fit in a backpack and depending on the size, even a purse.

Take Advantage of an Expressive Battery Life

For those who do need to rely on the device outside of the house, another benefit is how long-lasting the battery is. The charge typically lasts much longer on a Chromebook versus a laptop, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of juice at the worst possible time. It’s common to get 7-12 hours out of a single charge on the Chromebook.

You’ll Have Access to Apps on Your Chromebook

Another cool feature about a Chromebook is that it was designed to be compatible with apps. Originally the apps available were quite selective and small, but today’s devices are created to be compatible with all the Android apps on the Google Play store. This means you can enjoy your favorite app-based games, productivity tools, entertainment, and more on a large screen, unlike your smartphone.

They Are Very Budget-Friendly

Everyone knows that electronics and technology don’t come cheap, so for those looking to purchase a new laptop or desktop, the sticker prices can be rather shocking. This is where Chromebooks walk away with a clear advantage. Pricing is much lower for a Chromebook device, not to mention you can take advantage of a deal or discount.

If you’re buying the device for a tween or teen, being budget-friendly is probably top of the list. So again, a Chromebook can make good financial sense. It’s smart to continually check out brand sites like so you are aware of the current sales.

Impressive Durability Gives Peace of Mind

For those worried about the durability factor, Chromebooks are made to last. They are incredibly durable and can usually handle typical scrapes, falls, and drops. They tend to fare much better than laptops, which can be more fragile.

A Small Look at the Many Benefits

This is just a small look at the many benefits of buying a Chromebook. It can even act as a complimentary tool to your desktop or laptop, meaning you don’t have to pick one or another.

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