4 reasons to introduce a potpourri to your room

potpourri to your room

Potpourri is a combination of leaves, flowers, oils and other plant-based products that could deliver a specific fragrance into your room. More than ever, it has become attractive to many homeowners for so many reasons. From the bathroom to the kitchen or even to the private rooms, there are potpourri jars available.

Any homeowner needs to have a pleasant smelling house. Of course, this may be a problem considering that parts of the house have a lot to do with cooking and even foul odour from human excreta. Your bathroom and kitchen may not smell that good, especially when you have 3-4 members of the family inside the house. The kitchen is where all your food can be prepared, and with the different scent of ingredients, at the end of the day, you may have to bear with the unpleasant smell of everything from ginger to the fried chicken you just cooked for lunch. As for your bathroom, you have to accept the reality that stench will never leave your bathroom not unless you clean it regularly and you purchase the necessary air fresheners.

Given the use in a home, what are the other reasons to like the herbal incense? Here are a few things you may want to look into.

Anaesthetic effect

Many early shamans and practitioners of eastern medicine claim that the herbal incenses can turn patients numb and helps in tolerate pain. Since our body reacts to stimulation, a pleasant smell can take the mind away from the pain. This is the same concept as meditation. Though you are not in pain when you are inside your house, you want to be relaxed. This can take away your mind from all the stress inside the house.

100% organic

Since a lot of people are conscious of what they purchase because of the number of changes in the atmosphere, the potpourri preparations are not made of any chemical that could harm the environment or the family. It can be prepared inside your house using only the garden plants you have as of the moment.


Considering that it could be prepared from plants found in different gardens, it is cheaper than commercially prepared fragrances. For someone who wants to relax without burdening his or her wallet, this is an excellent choice for them.

Thousands of possibilities

If you are tired of the usual fragrance that you get from the stores, why not try something new? The herbal combination for the organic incense can vary, and it could still smell good. Sometimes, homeowners try to make the fragrance depending on the available seasonal plant or flower in their garden.

When it comes to decorating and even changing the smell of the parts of your home, you have the option to either purchase commercially produced fragrances or add some herbal plants and make the right blend for you. If you opt to have the latter, then you can save a lot of money in the process and even have the right smell for your preference. A potpourri is a great addition to your home, especially now that most people want to relax on their home while still keeping the budget intact.


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