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Making a new website may be an overwhelming experience. According to Reviews, whether you are making a trendy blog, opinionated journal, or e-commerce website, the options for customization are endless. If you are a first timer it is natural that things may seem confusing. So, here is a list of absolutely essential features for your website.

The Features

  1. Description of your business should be crisp and clear – Whenever a new user lands on your website, it is essential that they get a clear idea of what your website is all about. Apart from conveying that information, you also need to make a solid first impression. Before you write down the description and its design, think about a few important questions:
  • Who are you?
  • Why does your website exist?
  • What do you want to achieve with this website?

If your description has satisfactory and crisp answers to these questions you are halfway there. It is also a good idea to include a hero message or mission statement that quickly summarizes the purpose of your business.

  1. Treat your URL as your logo – If you are a freelancer who quickly wants to put out their work on the internet or an exciting new business you may be excited to just get your website up and running. However, before that make sure to do your due research before deciding on a URL. Make sure that it is simple enough to remember, but remarkable enough to create your own unique brand identity. It should also be easy to type. So, try to avoid underscores, special characters, or any complicated word. Moreover, always stick with .com. Search engine algorithms and users treat such websites as more credible.

  1. Contact Information – It is an obvious feature. But make sure to include your address, business name, and contact number at your website’s footer. Users who want to do business with you like to scroll down at the bottom for this information. That’s the industry standard location. Apart from the block number, street, and pin code you can also add your address on Online Maps so that users browsing your website through their phone can directly open up your business location on their Google Maps or Apple Maps.

  1. Call to Actions – A website is good for online presence and traffic to that website means you are getting the exposure that you need. However, converting those visitors into leads and actual sales figures makes a website a true success. After a user lands on your website you need to guide them to take the action that you want. It may be a pop up for subscribing to a newsletter, submitting a contact form, or creating an account. You need to craft those calls to actions carefully so that your users are inclined to participate in those actions instead of getting annoyed and leaving your site.

Conclusion Reviews believes that any website can’t do without these features and you should incorporate them into your website design before you get it online. If you want to learn more about website development, kindly visit this dedicated website for further details.

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