Smart TV Buying Guide: Know About the Features and Benefits

Smart TV

If you are looking for a new television, chances are that you’ve already made up your mind about buying a smart TV. Almost all TV brands today are focusing on offering Spectrum mobile smart TVs at affordable prices. While brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung offer premium models that come with a hefty price tag, other brands like Mi, VU, and now, even OnePlus are offering smart TVs that are conveniently priced.

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Smart TVs are slowly but surely becoming commonplace in most of the Indian households. Considering the fact that the way we consume content has changed significantly over the past decade, smart TVs offer us the most convenient method of watching our favorite movies and TV shows. If you are interested to learn more about latest technologies, kindly visit this dedicated website for further details.

Whether you want to watch the latest movies from OTT platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video or want to cast your favorite games on to your large TV screens, smart TVs let us enjoy visual and audio content like never before.

That said, if you are still going through your checklist about the features you want in your smart TV, here are a few must-have features, along with their benefits.

1. Work on your Smart TV

What makes a smart TV inherently smart is its ability to connect to the internet, which opens up endless possibilities. One of the biggest advantages of owning a smart TV is its ability to surf the web, while also giving you the option of working on your smart TV, instead of working on your smartphone or your laptop! For example, one of the best TVs in India, the Samsung 32-inch (80 cm) Smart HD TV (R4500) gives you the option to turn your smart TV into your personal computer, where you can either work from the cloud, mirror your laptop, or remotely access your office computer.

2. Internet Connectivity

Before smart TVs came along, our TV cabinet consisted of a set-top box, streaming devices, Blu-ray players, DVD players, and a host of other HDMI chords that were plugged into our TV sets. However, smart TVs have made those devices obsolete, and it declutters our entertainment centre. Thanks to smart TVs, we no longer require streaming devices, and can stream content from various OTT platforms, listen to music, or buy/rent the newly-released movies from apps. Thus, smart TVs also act as our one-stop home entertainment systems. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about technology.

3. Affordability

Couple of years ago when smart TVs weren’t as popular, brands like LG, Sony and Samsung offered premium models which were too expensive for the average consumer. However, today, brands like Mi, VU and OnePlus are offering smart TV models at attractive prices. Some of the best TVs under 15,000 INR belong to these brands, such as the Mi 4A Pro HD Ready LED Smart TV, while even Samsung is now offering 32-inch HD Ready smart TVs for less than Rs. 15,000! Thus, smart TVs today are more affordable, and also come with top-of-the-line features and latest technology, enabling users to stream videos instantly, or play mobile games on large screens.

4. Chromecast and Mirroring

Most of us continue to rely on smartphones and laptops to stream our favourite shows, movies, and matches. However, with a smart TV, you can cast your smartphone or tablet content onto your smart TV’s screen.

For instance, the Mi 32-inch 4A Pro HD Ready Smart TV comes with built-in Chromecast, and you can use Google’s Home app to mirror your smartphone’s screen. It is the best 32 inch smart TV under a very affordable price. You can watch your favourite content from various apps like Netflix and HotStar. This ensures that you have an enhanced viewing and audio experience, while you can also enjoy mobile phone games on a large screen, or talk to your loved ones via video call through your smart TV.

5. Voice-Assisted Services

AI systems now drive our TV’s software platform, which makes it possible for us to communicate with our smart TVs.

Voice-assisted services enable us to give commands to our smart TVs through Google Assistant or Alexa, creating an ecosystem of interconnected AI devices. Also you can connect your laptop to your smart Tv if you don’t know the different method to connect then visit

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