Importance of Safety and Risk Prevention in the Warehouse with Steel Safety Barriers


Importance of safety and risk prevention in the warehouse

Safety and risk prevention in the warehouse is one of the most important factors to consider within the companies’ prevention plan for logistics activities.

Activities in the logistics sector include supply, transportation, warehousing, distribution, and even some activities in the production chain. By their nature, this type of company must develop an occupational risk prevention plan according to the tasks and efforts made by the workers. Hence the importance of establishing it as a priority in business policies. Here are some essential keys safety and risk prevention in the Steel Safety Barriers warehouse

What is a logistics company?

Logistics services companies are responsible for managing the methods necessary to organize the transport, distribution and even some phases of the production process of a product. It also includes the storage, organization, control and planning of the administration of merchandise or products of different nature.

Like all business activities, it must have a third-party prevention service that guarantees industrial safety in warehouses, warehouses, etc.

Although there are companies with fewer than 10 workers in Spain, in reality it is a sector with large companies. Warehouses or warehouses are key in the development of these activities.

Types of logistics companies

Logistics companies can be from

Own logistics:

Where the company is responsible for the storage and distribution of its own products. Also within their own facilities.

Foreign logistics:

Also known as logistics operators. They are in charge of taking logistics to other companies. Normally producers. In this case, there are many models of logistics operations.

Labor risks in logistics warehouses

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a British institute that conducts research on these issues, has published several studies on warehouse prevention. In Spain, the Autonomous Communities normally carry out research, campaigns and publications to stimulate safety and risk prevention in the warehouse. Within logistics activities.

All these organisms agree that the main risk factors in the warehouse are:

  • Falls at different level
  • Hits
  • Entrapments
  • Overexertion

In Spain, according to the latest 2015 study carried out by the INSHT, overexertion is the main risk that can lead to sick leave due to an accident at work.

Causes of accidents in logistics warehouses

Labor risks in the logistics sector are mainly caused by the following causes. According to studies carried out by the aforementioned organisms. To which we should add the Institute National pour la Recherché Scientifique (INRS), from France:

  • State of the work facilities. Order or cleanliness.
  • Work at height carried out on walkways, shelves, platforms, hangars, etc.
  • Vehicles in motion inside the warehouses.
  • Physical load derived from the activities carried out.
  • Risks of musculoskeletal disorders associated with physical load

Among the risk factors that we have mentioned, manual handling of loads is the one that reports the most incidents. In many cases, it is the only one considered in warehouse Steel safety barriers occupational risk prevention evaluations.

There are several causes of accidents due to manual handling of loads. They are usually associated with the preparation of orders. Also known as picking. In addition, they can pose a significant risk of musculoskeletal disorders. They are usually the following:

  • Forced postures
  • Repetitive use of force
  • Performing repetitive tasks

Occupational risk prevention companies are normally familiar with these data. However, it should be well documented when hiring a third-party prevention service. In this way, being able to guarantee Steel safety barriers and risk prevention in the warehouse, since it is an activity with real risks for workers.

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