Everything you need to know before Buying a diamond

Pink diamonds

Diamond is pure carbon turned into crystal after millions of years of formation. The diamond is brilliant and reflects white light. By acting as a prism, it also concentrates and refracts light, and by shining with reflected and refracted light, it flashes and can be seen at a great distance.

Pink diamonds are nearly as old as Earth itself. Most of them form due to extreme pressure and temperature conditions that occur at great depths in the Earth’s mantle, and reach the surface through the magma of volcanic eruptions.

The famous four “Cs”

The four characteristics that determine the quality and price of a diamond are:

  • Carat (weight)
  • Color (color)
  • Cut (size)
  • Clarity

When it is decided to maximize size instead of beauty, the stone usually loses shine, dispersion and fire, so beauty should always triumph over size in all cases, but of course, to taste the colors!

The brilliant cut stone usually has 57 or 58 facets that reflect light in all directions, to end up coming out of the crown as if it were fire. The most famous sizes are the cycle ones that radiance the brightness of precious stones, the square ones that outwardly increment their size, and the emerald or rectangular sorts that are viewed as the most advanced.

It has been calculated that a woman admires her engagement ring a million times a lifetime

The carat is the measure of weight of the diamond. The origin of the denomination of “carat” (carat) comes from the ancient Indian tradition of weighing diamonds with carob beans because, apparently, these are very homogeneous in terms of weight. The Greeks subsequently adopted these measures.

But not only the weight will determine the value of a diamond. Color, size, purity and balance are the main characteristics to determine the value of this stone. A faceted diamond, the whiter (transparent), the more beautiful, scarce and valuable it is. The size of the diamond always determines its shape. What is valued are three things: the depth, width and uniformity of each of its facets.

What are Impurities

Impurities are a natural part of pink diamonds, although there are flaws that can occur when stone is being handled during grinding or polishing. A stone is said to be “clean” if no internal failure (clouds, feathers, or pinheads) or external imperfections (scratches, punctures, or chips) are discernable when examined with a 10x lens. A truly clean diamond is extremely rare, and hence its price. Two stones of equal weight can vary greatly in price due to the differences between qualities.

Most precious stones are white or dreary, albeit many contain yellowish or earthy colored tones. There are also blue-white (very rare, and valuable). The best way to see the true color of a diamond is by looking at it diagonally against a white background. Transparent diamonds are cheaper if they are yellowish, while pink or blue diamonds can be significantly more expensive. Of all the colors, reds are the rarest and most valuable. These very rare diamonds come mostly from Australian mines, and are known in slang under the name “Fancy Color”.

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