Here’s How You Can Live Green Without Breaking the Bank


Are you concerned about the planet? If you’re not, considering the soaring temperatures and melting ice caps, you should be! In addition to holding our governments and corporations accountable, it’s crucial to make our individual contributions as well.

That being said, a lot of people shy away from living a green energy-based lifestyle, assuming that it’s unbelievably expensive. But that’s not true! You don’t necessarily have to buy a Tesla to make a difference.

Sure, having an electric car will significantly lower your carbon footprint. However, that’s not the only way to have an impact. In fact, there are plenty of other ways you can help the environment, without spending too much. And here’s how-

Utilise Natural Light

Open up your curtains and windows to let in natural light, which is completely free. Instead of switching on lights and heating, let sunlight naturally illuminate and warm up your house. Sunlight also elevates mood, which is another bonus!

Switch to Renewable Energy

Speaking of energy, you should consider reducing your dependence on electricity generated by fossil fuels. Renewable energy such as solar, wind and geothermal energy has a much lower greenhouse emission level. Talk to your energy provider about renewable energy options. If your current provider doesn’t offer such options, explore AGL Energy plans.

Shop at Bulk Stores

Bulk grocery stores give you the option to bring your own containers and fill them. Not only are you reducing unnecessary packaging waste, but bulk shopping also allows you to buy the exact quantity you want. Rather than spending on a pre-packaged quantity, you can save by buying what you need.

Eat Plant-Based Meals

Eating plant-based meals a couple of days a week is a good starting point. Vegan food doesn’t have to be bland and flavourless. In fact, you can cook up some wonderful dishes that won’t make you miss meat. Avant Garde Vegan, Niomi Smart and Goodful are some great YouTube channels for vegan recipes.

Shop Local

Try shopping locally and seasonally farmed produce. Food that has travelled several miles has an adverse effect on the environment. On the other hand, when you buy local, you significantly reduce the transportation requirement. Also, buying local allows you to support small businesses and enjoy fresher produce.

Use Energy Consciously

Start using energy consciously to kill two birds with one stone- reduce consumption and enjoy energy savings. So, always turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Also, remember to unplug vampire appliances that continue to use up electricity despite being switched off.

Use Public Transport

Instead of starting your car for every small errand, look for alternative ways of transportation. If it’s possible to bike or walk to the destination, do it. Apart from this, you can use public transport or carpool for everyday commute to work. You’ll save in terms of fuel costs.

Line-Dry Clothes

If it’s sunny outside, dry your clothes on the clothesline instead of throwing them in the dryer. It will reduce your energy consumption, which means energy savings.

Make Energy-Efficient Changes

Replace incandescent bulbs and CFLs with LED lights. In comparison, LED lights are a bit pricier. But the cost is reasonable considering the long-term energy savings and longevity.

When you’re purchasing new appliances, always make sure they are energy-efficient. Check the Energy Star rating to determine energy efficiency.

Get Reusable Napkins, Straws, Cups

Stop using disposable kitchen towels, paper napkins, straws and cups. Use reusable versions that are much better for the environment. For instance, when you go to a coffee shop, take your own cup and straw.

Final Words

The rising repercussions of climate change is a wake-up call for all of us. If you want the future generations to have a future, do your part!

Amy Virgilio
Amy Virgilio is passionate about bringing new ideas and creativity through writing.

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