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What are the Common Services Offered by HOA Management Companies?

HOA Management Companies

Homeowners associations are tasked with keeping up the appearance and upkeep of a neighborhood. To accomplish this, homeowners’ association management companies may provide services such as lawn cutting and snow removal, which leaves residents with more time for other things. In fact, HOA management companies often offer a variety of services that can benefit homeowners, their properties, and the entire community.

You can learn more here about the services offered by HOA management companies. The following are the most common services offered by these companies:

24/7 common area maintenance

This is a service that offers residents the ability to receive regular and scheduled services from the company. For example, painting, pest control, lawn mowing, and other common area maintenance services can be provided by this type of company. You can choose to receive these services on a regular basis and pay a monthly fee to your HOA management company.

Amenity care

HOA management companies may handle maintenance for a variety of common area amenities, such as fitness centers, pools, and tennis courts. These companies often have professionals on staff for keeping up with these area amenities. You can choose to have these amenities maintained at the same time and on a schedule by hiring the services of HOA management companies.

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Homeowners’ association management companies may also offer specialized accounting services that help to keep HOA budgets running smoothly. Effectively keeping these types of books is an important way to help an HOA stay in line with its budget. The company can also offer you a convenient and easy way to submit monthly fees and other payments, which can be made online or via check.


Some HOA management companies may provide collections services if a homeowner defaults on his or her loan payments. However, these are usually done through a professional agency rather than directly through the management company itself.

Board training

HOA management companies can also help with the training of board members and other volunteer groups. The company may provide regular training programs and seminars that help to keep these groups up to date on relevant issues.

Recommendations for legal counsel and management of services

Some HOA management companies may also provide recommendations for legal counsel in the event that a homeowner needs assistance with something related to the HOA. They may also offer suggestions on ways to handle these types of situations more effectively in the future.

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