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career ladder

These past two years have been very stressful and daunting to every professional throughout the globe. As the pandemic hit the world, every corporate company looked for ways to cut their expenses and regular costs. It also included firing many employees.

Others quit their high paying jobs to pursue different careers altogether as they felt stagnated in their corporate position. Things have changed in the corporate culture now. The employees are much interested in learning and growing along with the company. Here are some tips to help you climb the corporate ladder.

Outlining objectives

A common question HR asks in an interview is, “5 years from now, where do you see yourself in the company?”. Most people might not have thought about it before coming up with a solid answer. However, while growing in the company, it becomes a pretty crucial aspect that gives you a sense of direction.

Look at the bigger picture and identify your career goals. Once done, plan on meeting your milestones but always remember that the journey begins with the baby steps. So, do not hesitate to take those steps for a bright future. Assess your performance regularly and track your accomplishments.

5 things to remember

While having objectives give you career prospects, it is equally important to be in the present and give your best in the current role. Always remember to ask yourself these 5 questions. Regardless of where you stand on the career ladder, these are always useful. And, most of the time they act as eye-openers.

  1. Are you an asset to the company?
  2. Are you the right team player?
  3. Are you working hard and also working smart?
  4. Are you networking enough?
  5. Are you envisioning yourself in the level above?

If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track. And if not, then you know which areas to strive on! Many people have a wrong perception when it comes to working smart. It doesn’t mean that you need to find shortcuts that get you more free time. 

Rather, it means that you need to find tools that reduce the redundancy by half – all while improving productivity. For example, is an efficient website for finding emails. This website is powered by AI that can find email addresses for free. It can come in handy for people who are constantly in search of new contacts or connections.

Subject matter expert

We’ve heard of a saying that goes, Jack of all but King of none! It resonates with so many employees trying to climb the career ladder. They are so busy trying to excel in every part of their work process that failing to become an expert becomes evident. Your skillset is the most valuable resource.

Learn new things that can improve your work. It fetches you more opportunities, including mentoring and leading. You can become an expert by being as open as a school pupil towards learning. And, climb the ladder swiftly when being good and generous towards your teammates.


A firm that nurtures the true potential of an employee is the one that is for the long run. Feel free to shift from the company if it doesn’t tend to your goals and objectives. However, staying put and investing time with one will leverage enough to advance your career. 

Amy Virgilio
Amy Virgilio is passionate about bringing new ideas and creativity through writing.

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