Online Teaching Courses For Increasing Motivation And Self Esteem In Students

Online Teaching Courses

For leading a positive and mentally healthy life, self-motivation coupled with a high self-esteem is essential. Particularly in young children, high self-esteem is important for a student to achieve every goal they set their mind to. In boosting confidence, motivating and building high self-esteem, an educator plays a crucial role. To provide an unmatched learning experience to students, many young teachers choose best online courses for professional development in education.

A teacher is responsible for more than just imparting knowledge about their respective fields such as mathematics, social science, chemistry, biology, history or any other specialization. The ability to identify students with low self-esteem is an important skill-set every teacher today must possess. Low self esteem in a student has the power to interfere with their learning ability and classroom performance. Moreover, in majority of cases a teacher remains unaware of their distress and continues to lead a uniform teaching approach.

Poor confidence and low self esteem in students are found because of a number of reasons. Below mentioned are some common reasons:

 Criticism – there is a huge difference between healthy criticism and reproof at every step. This criticism may not necessarily be coming from the teacher, its source could be the parents or an elder sibling. Continued discouragement often leads to a pessimistic attitude in children and a lack of will to try anymore. Therefore, a teacher must encourage such students at every step, even when their performance isn’t up to the mark.

 Financial status and stability – many young children are likely to become prey of bullying, or unwarranted coercion, aggression domination, physical abuse or intimidation because of their financial indisposition or status. This will have a direct impact on the child’s moral and confidence. A time like high school or middle school is certainly not easy without reliable friends and teachers.

 Ill health or sudden loss of a loved one in the family- Death has a serious impact on children. This impact may not immediately show its consequences on a child, however, the absence of the deceased person is likely to emerge in the form of significant behavioral changes, lagging performance in studies, sometimes even violence or aggression in severe cases. A teacher must approach such a sensitive matter cautiously and ensure that the child in question doesn’t shun the world and isolate themselves.

Washington schools offer best online courses for teachers to adapt themselves according to special needs of students going through a tough time. Besides, learning to identify and inculcate a positive attitude in children, many K12 educators can opt for language online courses, history course, teacher training workshops and more.

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