Need To Know: 9 Imperative Questions To Ask Your Builder Before Enlisting Their Services

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The Melbourne building industry has long been in full flight, with thousands of works taking place across the city at any given moment. If you have just purchased a property and are looking to develop your portfolio, then you’re likely looking into your options for a building firm, too!

But you want the best builder in the business to ensure they have the skills and experience to do the job properly.

And whilst the best construction lawyers Melbourne has available will help you if any unwanted discrepancies arise, here are nine questions to ask your potential builder to help avoid them in the first place:

1. Do you have a building licence?

Because if they don’t have a registered Australian builders licence then they are not legally registered to build – simple!

2. Can you show me some of your past work?

Your builder should have some years of experience providing their service. And any builder with years of experience in the craft will have a plethora of past work that they will be more than happy to show off to a potential client.

So, ask the builder if you can see a few happy snaps of their previous work, not just to ensure that they are not some two-bit handyman who fell into the building industry, but also to see if their style aligns with your wishes.

3. Will there be price chances?

The price should never deviate from a fixed-price contract, as it’s a real anxiety-kicker when you think you’ve agreed on a price and out of nowhere the builder springs some added costs on you.

4. Are they fully insurance covered?

High quality Australian building firms typically have full coverage. Therefore, your builder should be more than happy to talk to you about their level of insurance coverage and not shy away from any questions you have regarding this imperative element of the building process.

5. What is your current workload?

Imagine this: you sign up a builder who you think is going to go straight to work on your project, only to discover that they’ve got a whole raft of projects in the works at this very moment. It’s a stressful situation to think that not only the builder doesn’t have plenty of time for your project, but they also don’t have the time to put their full interest into your build.

6. How is your timeframe?

Following on from that last point, an experienced builder should be able to provide you with a rough idea of how long it will take such a project to complete. They should have the experience to know how long a job like yours will take and what is required to complete it in said timeframe.

7. Do you use quality materials?

Because we’ve all been in a home with dodgy building materials and we know how often broken materials in such homes have to be replaced – what a bore!

8. Can I select the finishing touches?

A good and experienced builder will always be happy to let you decide on your home’s finishing touches, and will also stand back if there are particular finalisations you would like to customise and install yourself!

9. Are you a local firm?

Because local building companies are generally more passionate about their area’s beauty, and this is in stark contrast to big name firms, who often don’t know their area and are more than happy to drastically alter its aesthetic makeup.

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