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Tobacco pipes are popular worldwide. They are known for the sheer style and charisma they exude. Most people find the tobacco of smoking pipes very alluring. The most popular tobacco for smoking pipes is aromatics. The aromatics are liked by the beginners as well as the veteran pipe smokers. There is a wide range of aromatics and the smokers have a large variety of tobacco aromatics to choose from. Out of the vast range of aromatic products here are the best aromatic tobaccos for your smoking pipes.

1. Lane limited-1Q

The lane limited 1-Q is classic aromatic tobacco. It is made from black cavendish and Virginia. The cavendish consists of golden and fir cured fibers. For years, lane limited 1-Q has remained the number one choice as tobacco for smokers. Along with its classic taste, tobacco is known for its smooth taste. This makes it a perfect choice for beginners. The room note of tobacco is also very pleasant. Most users have also reviewed this aromatic tobacco as a sweet flavored one without having a lasting effect on the tongue. We would recommend the flavor if you are a newcomer for the pipe-smoking odyssey. You will surely return for more.

2. Lane limited: BCA

Another great product from lane limited. This one is the smoothest of them all. The USP of this product from Lane limited is its alluring essence. BCA is also made up of cavendish. There is no Virginia in this product which makes it somewhat less pleasurable. But that does not mean that the BCA does not have a fact, most pipe smokers claim that the BCA has an essence of vanilla mixed with chocolate. As Virginia is absent the essence is held tight together by the cavendish to give a choco vanilla mixture topped with anisette to the very bottom of the smoking pipe bowl.

3. Mac Baren: Scottish blend mixture

The Scottish blend mixture from Mac Baren is Danish-style aromatic tobacco that is popular due to its remarkably pleasant room note. The flavor was introduced in 1958 and has since been the favorite of many regular pipe smokers. The blend is a mixture of over 35 tobaccos. The major components are cavendish, Virginia, and burley. The Scottish mixture is however not suitable for the beginners as it has been termed as quite bitey. You need to sip the aromatic slowly and enjoy the aroma as it goes. If you want to try some exceptional Danish blends then Mac Baren is the perfect aromatic tobacco to start from. Get a smoking pipe and fill it with the blend to enjoy the Danish blend.

4. Captain Black: Original

The captain is one of the classic best selling aromatic tobaccos. For over fifty years this aromatic tobacco has enjoyed a loyal customer base that likes to have a classic taste at an inexpensive rate. This aromatic has very well earned the tag of iconic. This is easily available and is suitable for most newcomers. If you would ask a pipe smoker to name his or her every day go to smoke then he or she would quickly spurt out Captain Black. The components of the Black Captain is the same as the Lane limited 1-Q. There is a good amount of Cavendish and Virginia present in this aromatic. The taste is perfect and being a classic the aromatic has a little bit strong flavor.

5. Lane limited: RLP-6

Seems like we can not get enough from Lane limited. The RLP-6 is the least rated product in the list and yet the taste and room note of this aromatic tobacco is unmatched when compared to even some well-known brands. The components of the RLP-6 include toasted cavendish, golden Virginia, and the burleys. The aroma and the taste of this product are well suited for veteran smokers.

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