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8 Tips for Health Clubs and Direct Mailing Campaigns

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A direct mailing campaign can work to do a lot for your health club. It can help to raise awareness of your existence, it can generate leads for the future, and it can recruit new members directly into your gym. The success rate of a direct mailing campaign can be contributed to many factors as can a poor campaign. First things first, in order to coordinate a successful campaign you must first determine who your target market is. Are they women? Are they men? Are they middle aged men? Are they young female professionals?

Database technologies allow you and allow Advecor to determine demographic information about your current members and and those you wish to target. Targeting your market is the first step to creating a direct mailing campaign and is extremely important to the campaign’s success. After which you are ready to begin the design of your ad cards. This website https://wellness786.com/ provides you with complete information regarding maintaining your health, dental care, and weight loss as well.

8 Tips For Designing Ad Cards For A Direct Mailing Campaign

1.) Clearly state on the front of your mailer the most direct benefit you have to offer. If your offer is made up of several benefits choose the one that is the best or most obvious and make sure that is easily seen.

2.) Carefully craft a headline. Your headline should flow with the overall offer of your mailer. The headline should grab the attention of your audience.

3.) Word your ad card in such a manner that it reflects your message. If you own a high end club then the wording of your offer should subtly reflect this. If you are an average health club then word your ad card as if you were speaking casually to a friend.

4.) State the price last. Unless what you’re selling is an unbelievable price, you should save the price tag for a location on the card below where you have stated the benefits of your offer. Your benefits should be so desirable that your reader will predict a hefty price tag to accompany the offer at the end. When they finally see the price isn’t over the top, they will be sold on a membership.

5.) Call to action. Tell the reader what you want them to do: Join today, call now, schedule an appointment, etc.

6.) Hit a smaller market, multiple times. Rather than one mailing campaign spread across a vast area consider sending your mailer two or three times to a smaller geographic area. More exposure to your target market will produce results. Also if you tailor your campaign to be within a very small radius of your actual health club’s location then location becomes another benefit to sell.

7.) Encourage interaction. Go with the mailing pieces that include a scratch and win, perforated coupon, or peel-away label. The more your audience plays with your ad card, the better!

8.) Extend that limited time offer. Although traditional advice tells you that a short time offer will encourage your target market to act fast, it often warrants your ad card to be thrown into the trash bin much faster. The busy lifestyle of the 21st century implies that people will only sign up for a gym membership when they have the time to commit to exercise. If your card catches them in the wrong month they will dismiss your limited time offer immediately. If your offer is good for several months then perhaps they will hold onto your card for when their schedule clears.

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